JuruSchool is an A.I. Community Programme initiated by JuruQuest in 2019 to carry out the corporate social responsibility and philanthropic initiatives. Its primary focus is on promoting the advancement of educational technology and learning among schools in Malaysia.

JuruSchool brings sustainable community benefits under 4 pillars: Safe & Healthy Learning Environment, Centralised Communication Platform, O2O Classroom and Digital Payment Services. Some initiatives include sponsoring of school software and technology hardware, facilitating online and offline learning, enabling mobile and digital payment services.

JuruSchool App is a mobile application that empower parents, educators, and students to engage, collaborate, and facilitate learning. It enables real-time announcement, student attendance, canteen transaction record, online school payment and more.

Jurupay is a payment gateway with licensed universal eWallet approved by Bank Negra Malaysia (BNM). All users’ personal information and payment transactions data are strictly complied to Malaysia PDPA standards.

The payment feature of JuruSchool is powered by JuruPay ewallet. Owning a JuruSchool App means you will also have a JuruPay eWallet account.  Do note that it is a single eWallet account per parent/ legal guardian for ALL children under the JuruSchool ecosystem.  Hence, you do not need to manage multiple ewallet accounts for multiple children.

JuruSchool App support various types of school payment services. Some of the common ones are PIBG, Koperasi/ Bookstore and Canteen. Hence, parents can easily manage multiple children’s payments with just one account.

You can top up your ewallet using online banking transfer (FPX). Each JuruSchool parent / legal guardian is given up to four (4) free top ups per month with no processing fees. A banking processing fee of RM1.50 will be imposed for subsequence online banking transfer (FPX) top up.

Parents can request for a refund upon all their children graduated from the school. There are 2 ways parents the submit the request for refund.

  1. Apply in-person: Parents can come to JuruSchool APP Operator (JuruQuest Consulting Sdn. Bhd.) office located at 9th Floor, Uptown 5A, jalan SS 21/39, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor to perform the refund exercise during office hours (9:00am-5:00pm, Monday – Friday, excluding public holidays). Refund applicants must bring their Malaysia NRIC and relevant document for proof of ownership of the said mobile number.
  2. Apply via JuruSchool App’s in-app electronic form: Eligible parents will be able to access the in app refund request form through JuruSchool App. Please note that due to financial institutions electronic transfer (TT) minimum limit. Only ewallet with the balance of more than RM2.00 will be able to perform the refund request through JuruSchool App’s in-app online refund.

Upon submitting the the refund form, JuruSchool will verify and process your application accordingly. Please note that RM1.00 processing fee will be imposed for successful refund.